IoT for farmers just around the corner

We always talk about future and internet of things, but we are already started that dream of future.

Very soon we will be meeting with machine to machine payment systems and artificial intelligence, sensor controlled farms that rely on iot .

Presicion agriculteure is the key to feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

Let me show you a picture that will probably make everthing up in your mind about future of iot farming ..

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Is technology the answer to agricultural prosperity?

Read the full article in the latest issue of The Review

IoT Sensors and Devices

“A big part of the Internet of Things isn’t so much about smart devices, but about sensors. These tiny innovations can be attached to everything from yogurt cups to the cement in bridges and then record and send data back into the cloud. This will allow businesses to collect more and more specific feedback on how products or equipment are used, when they break, and even what users might want in the future.” – Bernard Marr, Forbes

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