Getting Started with AWS

When you log into the Amazon Web Service console, you can see the services are partitioned according to their logical functions.

Under each service, the service is explained in 1 sentence. I will briefly explain the ones I think are most frequently used.

The services that provide the processor and memory power in AWS’s infrastructures are located here.

EC2 (Virtual Servers in the Cloud): It is a virtual server service in the cloud.

EC2 Container Service (Run and Manage Docker Containers) is the cloud service that allows you to manage and run Docker Containers.

Elastic Beanstalk (Run and Manage Web Apps) is a PaaS (Platform As A Service) service offered by AWS. It allows you to create and run WebApp or Worker in many languages ​​such as Java, Node.js, Phyton, Ruby, PHP etc.

Lambda (Run Code in Response to Events) When AWS Events are triggered, it gives the possibility to trigger certain functions related to these events. For example, when a file is written to S3..

AWS services related to storage.

S3 (Scalable Storage in the Cloud) is an Object Storage service where you can store and retrieve your 1byte — 5TB files with a single identity.

CloudFront (Global Content Delivery Network) ensures that static content (html, css, picture, music, video, etc.) is sent from the closest geographical position to the person who needs the content, and delivers the data to the user with the most performance. Edge Location centers of AWS are physical data storage areas created to provide CDN content.


RDS (Managed Relational Database Service) Relational databases such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc… Multi-AZ replication capability and automatic backup creation provide you with a lot of conveniences.

DynamoDB (Managed NoSQL Database) is a NoSQL service from AWS. Supports Document and Key-Value Data Models.

ElastiCache(In-Memory Cache) is the cache system in memory. You are expected to choose one of the Redis or Memcache products.

Redshift(Fast, Simple, Cost-Effective Data Warehousing) is a Data Warehouse service that holds Petabyte-scale data.

Route 53 (Scalable DNS and Domain Name Registration) is AWS’ Domain Name Service. It got its name from the DNS port 53. It provides an interface and service where you can enter DNS Records by allowing you to purchase Domain Name.

Management Tools
CloudWatch (Monitor Resources and Applications) It allows you to view how much you use your applications and the services you use, and you can define certain limits and have them alarm you if these situations occur.

CloudFormation(Create and Manage Resources with Templates) allows you to define JSON templates for AWS resources and services and create them simply.

Security & Identity
IAM (Identity & Access Management) allows you to define Group, User, Role and Policy that will use AWS Services. It allows to define from service-to-service authorization to the role and people who will use that authority.

Elastic Search Realtime is AWS Service that allows you to do analytics on stream data. Thanks to Kibana Dashboard, you can create any Dashboard on the flowing data.

Kinesis They allow you to capture and store terebytes of data such as stream data from different sources (website clicks, financial transactions, social media tweets or notifications, IT logs and location tracking information).

Internet Of Things
AWS iOT is AWS service related to the Internet of Things.

Mobile Services
SNS Its main purpose is AWS Service that provides Push Notification sending infrastructure for IOS and Android. Apart from this, it also allows you to make notifications such as SMS, E-Mail.

Application Services
API Gateway A cloud service that lets you build secure and highly scalable RESTfull APIs.

Instead of a server for sending/receiving SES e-mails, you can directly use Simple Email Service to securely perform your e-mail-related transactions.

Instead of managing queue structures such as SQS RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Kafka, etc., you can get the queue service from the cloud as a service.

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