5 Important Things to Consider in Email Design

One of the most critical pieces to achieve successful results in digital marketing and email marketing is design. The right design is the key to a clearer understanding of your message and more effective communication. I’ve compiled the basic elements you need to pay attention to in order to get direct feedback, especially in sales-focused email marketing campaigns.

1- Think Simple
A major part of companies think that email design will work so well if it looks full. But there is something you forget, like thousands of emails from other companies go to people’s e-mail box. If you want to raise awareness here, try to be simple. E-mail with plenty of color and plenty of content often prevents the message from being understood. With a simple, simple layout and a generic design, you can be heard on a wide range of followers, so you can make a serious step.

2- Separate Messages into Chapters
I constantly recommend that you keep your messages as clear as possible in your e-mails and focus on the single message up to the content from the headline, but if for some reason more than one message will be in an e-mail, try to create sections in your e-mail design. For example, if you are a company that sells baby products, if you want to include news from your blog as well as discounted products into your e-mail, send them in separate sections, with written passages / images from products and written content, not within the same sequence.

3- Move around with all the e-mail boxes
There are dozens of e-mail boxes around the world with Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, Yahoo etc. All of them have different email sizes and features. It is imperative that you consider all of these e-mail boxes and develop a design understanding that complies with the technical requirements of these systems. Otherwise, your email, which looks pretty good in Outlook, may not look nice on Gmail, or the fonts may slip completely.

4- Do not Neglect the Motor
All research reveals that at least 60% of e-mails are opened by mobile devices. Neglecting mobile-focused design will most likely cause your email marketing efforts to be frustrated. Design a mobile-focused e-mail, no matter what.

5- Check
Keep an eye on all the details that I mentioned in the first four. It is possible to mistake font, visual, content. After your own control, have other people working at your institution check it out. Lastly, if you have time before submitting, send your testimonials and ideas to your relatives who act as end users for testing. Be sure that you will receive positive warnings for many errors or omissions that you are not aware of.

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